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    Alexander the Great as a Great Ruler Essay

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    Alexander the Great EssayByKenneth W. DunnProfessor Diane GordonUMUCHIST115Spring 2005IntroductionAlexander III was born on July 20th, 356 BC to King Philip II and Olympia’s.

    He was born in Pella, Macedonia. In 343 BC Aristotle was hired to educate Alexander at the age of 13. In 338 he commanded for the first time the Calvary during the battle of Chaeronea. Alexander ascends the throne of Macedonia in 336 BC after the murder of his father, King Philip II. 336-323 BC is when he started his empire, conquering kingdom after kingdom. Why was Alexander the Great?Alexander III was known as Alexander the Great to his people from 336-323 BC.

    Why to this day do we still look at Alexander the Great as one of the greatest rulers of the world? Even though Alexander ruled for only 13 years as king of Macedonian what made him gain the title as Alexander the Great’should he be known for it because of his military skills, his popularity with his people or his leadership skills? Why did Alexander deserve to be called “the Great”? He was not the first of his time to be called it. There were two others before him that were called the Great, the Persian King Cyrus the Great and the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the Great. To this day his leadership skills are still considered by military experts as being the most outstanding commanders of all time. Alexander was able to motivate and inspire his troops to fight any battle for him by leading his troops, talked to every single troop and received the same wounds that they did. One thing that can only be marveled at is the over whelming factor, his charisma.

    He was the only individual that was able to hold together an empire together. After his death the empire fell apart into competing kingdoms. Alexander III is known to have helped shaped the world the way we know it today. Persians, Egyptians, Babylonians were eastern cultures that dominated the world until Alexander came into rule. He changed the focus on civilization from the eastern to the western societies, Greece and Rome. Alexander took the gold reserves of the Persian Kings and minted it into currency, using his resources to build new cities while continuing his conquest of other kingdoms.

    This enabled the Greek civilization to spread through out the known world and improving trade relations and activities. Alexander established an economic system that remained active until the industrial revolution in the 18th century. The limits for the inhabited earth at the time was established by him and remained so until the 15th century, before the voyages of the Portuguese and Spanish. Darius III, King of Persian, was one of Alexander’s opponents during his rule of Macedonia. Persian was a vas empire that stretched from Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea, India and central Asia. Darius was Alexander’s greatest foe and he faced Darius army, which was said to be incredibly large, over one million Persians in 331 BC.

    In 334 BC Alexander’s armies wiped out a Persian defense force at the river Granicus (Turkey). In 333 Darius tasted defeat by Alexander in the town of Issus, (southern part of Turkey). It was in 331 BC, against the million man army, that Darius faced his final defeat at Gaugamela (Iraq). The battle in 334 BC took place when Alexander crossed Hellaspont with and army of 35,000 Macedonian’s. When they reached the Granicus River they ran into 40,000 Perians and Greek mercenaries.

    His army defeated 40,000 and according to history his army only suffered the loss of 110 men. At this time all of the minor states of Asia submitted to him. Alexander continued with his army southward and ran into King Darius III main army. The Battle of Issus was in 333 BC and Darius army was said to be 500,000, which is believed to be over exaggerated. During the battle Darius was cut off from his base so he fled northward at the same time abandoning his mother, wife and children. Alexander treated them as royalty was supposed to be treated, even better then Darius treated them.

    This was a great victory for him. He continued on to Tyre, a strongly guarded sea .

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