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    The Rise Of Adolf Hitler Essay (1098 words)

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    Adolf Hitler was a well-known political leader in Germany, whose activities are associated with monstrous crimes against humanity, including the Holocaust. The founder of the Nazi Party and the dictatorship of the Third Reich. This name and surname are very hated by many people around the world for the atrocities that this man committed.

    Сhildhood and early years

    Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, located near the border with Germany. Adolf’s father was an illegitimate child, his mother again married a man with the surname Hitler, and when Alois wanted to change his mother’s surname, the priest made a pen slip, and all descendants began to wear the surname Hitler. Adolf was the third child. The ancestors of Hitler were engaged in the peasantry; it is a hook for readers. His father had a career as an official. Adolf, like all Germans, was very sentimental and often visited the places of his childhood and the graves of his parents.

    Before Adolph was born, three children died. He was the only and beloved son, then brother Edmund was born, and Adolf was given less time, then Adolf’s sister appeared in the family, he always had the most tender feelings for Paula. In the first grade, Hitler studied only as an excellent student. In the old monastery of Catholics, he went to the second class, learned to sing in the church choir and helped during the Mass. I first noticed the swastika at the Abbot Hagen on his coat of arms. Adolf several times changed schools because of parental problems. As soon as he was 13 years old, the father died. And the young Adolf refused to fulfill the request of the parent. He did not want to become an official; he was attracted to painting and music. After the fourth grade, the education certificate was rated “A” only in physical culture and drawing. At first, he tried to enter the Academy of Art, as he had an extraordinary talent and craving for visual arts but failed the entrance exams.

    The next few years, the biography of Adolf Hitler was filled with poverty, vagrancy, odd jobs, topic of constant moving from place to place, shelters under the city bridges. There is a statement that Hitler’s daughter wrote the biography. All this time, he did not inform his relatives or friends about his location, as he was afraid of being drafted into the army, where he would have to serve along with the Jews, to whom he experienced deep hatred.

    The beginning of the battle biography of Adolf Hitler

    The First World War was accepted by Hitler with joy, he himself was asked to serve in the Bavarian army, participated in many battles, received the rank of corporal, was wounded and had many military awards. Considered a brave and brave soldier. He has wounded again, even lost his sight. After the war, the authorities found the fate of Hitler in the composition of the agitators necessary, where he proved himself a skillful master of the word, he knew how to hold the attention of people listening to him. All this period of his life, Hitler’s favorite reading became anti-Semitic literature, which basically shaped his further political views. Soon everyone got acquainted with his program of the new Nazi Party. Later, he gets the post of chairman with unlimited rise to power. Allowing himself too much, Hitler began to take advantage of his post to incite the overthrow of the existing government, was convicted and sent to prison. There he finally believed that the Communists and Jews should be exterminated. At the same time, Adolf Hitler wrote his work, for example, “Mein Kampf,” in which he outlined his autobiography and the idea of national socialism. From this moment, the oppression of Jews and Gypsies began in the country, the trade unions were closed and the “Hitler era” began, which was completely saturated with human blood. He declares that the nation of Germany should rule the world. Hitler finds many supporters who unequivocally appoint him to lead the armed forces, founded personal security service in the SS ranks, and established torture and death camps.

    World War II

    To strengthen the mass base of his regime, Hitler carried out a number of activities designed for popular support. Was sharply reduced, and then eliminated unemployment. Large-scale actions on humanitarian aid to populations in need have been launched. Mass, cultural and sporting festivals, etc., were encouraged. However, the basis of the policy of the Hitler regime was preparation for revenge for the lost World War I. As a conclusion, the industry was reconstructed, large-scale construction was launched, and strategic reserves were created. He dreamed of getting even for the fact that once, in World War I, Germany capitulated. He was ill, in a hurry to carry out his plans. In the spirit of revenge was carried out propaganda treatment of the population. Adolf Hitler went on gross violations of the Versailles Treaty, which limited the military efforts of Germany. A short Reichswehr was turned into a million Wehrmacht, tank forces and military aircraft were restored. The status of the demilitarized Rhineland was canceled. With the acquiescence of the leading European powers, Czechoslovakia was dismembered, the Czech Republic was absorbed, and Austria was annexed.

    Enlisting the approval of Stalin, Hitler sent his troops into Poland. In 1939, the Second World War began. Having achieved success in hostilities against France and England and having conquered almost the entire western part of the continent, in 1941 Hitler turned his troops against the Soviet Union. The defeats of the Soviet troops at the first stage of the Soviet-German war led to the occupation of the Baltic republics, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and parts of Russia by the Hitler troops. In the occupied territories, the most severe occupation regime was established, which destroyed many millions of people. However, from the end of 1942, the Nazi armies began to suffer defeat. In 1944, the Soviet territory was liberated from occupation; hostilities were approaching the German borders. The Nazi troops were forced to retreat in the west as a result of the advance of the American divisions landed in Italy and on the coast of France.

    Fuhrer suicide

    In 1944, a conspiracy was organized against Adolf Hitler, the purpose of which was to physically eliminate him and make peace with the advancing Allied forces. The Fuhrer was aware that the complete defeat of Germany is inevitably approaching. Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, in a surrounded Berlin, along with his mistress Eva Braun (with whom he had married the day before).

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