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About us

Meet The Team

Our experienced team is committed to creating content you not only turn to, but count on when you want to learn more

Arts Columbia is an academic assistance website. It has a vast database of resources that can help students get to know their subjects better. At absolutely no charge everybody can browse the materials to learn something new or deepen their knowledge of art subjects.

Arts Columbia works as a database of video lectures, explanatory materials, visual demonstrations and practical examples on art subjects. It can be used for studying purposes, as well as general curiosity satisfaction.

Art Columbia visitors’ profile consists of students from the US and other countries, professors who teach art classes, amateurs who want to know more about these divine matters and artists looking for inspiration for their creations.

How Arts Columbia can help you:

  • Provide you with video lessons on visual art, décor, ornamental art and other creative disciplines;
  • Show visual examples of things textbooks talk about;
  • Demonstrate real life examples of modern arts;
  • Give virtual tours over world’s best museums and art sights;
  • Serve as a free glossary of art terms, names and academic works;
  • Show samples of sketches, essays and other materials you can use to prepare the homework;
  • Put you in touch with students studying similar subjects from all over the world;
  • Deepen knowledge of subjects that you don’t take as part of your school curriculum;
  • Broaden understanding of art as a potential are of study/work;

How Arts Columbia managed to remain free?

Modern society, especially in the Western countries, has a strong persuasion that education is expensive. This is partly due to human nature – people are less likely to appreciate something if they haven’t paid for it. But mostly it’s because main education providers have managed to achieve a level of monopoly on high quality training.

At the same time there are people – teachers, professors, researchers and others – who believe that education can only be good when accessible to large public. Only while sharing with others great ideas arise, only elevating a general level of knowledge in the society will our community achieve higher results.

That’s why thousands of people contribute their knowledge to Arts Columbia database and even more support us by making donations. High quality materials and explanations don’t have to come at a price – your effort in learning it is already enough!

We don’t try to sell ready solutions – we teach you to find them!

Arts Columbia has a track record of changing students’ lives: from saving money on textbooks and private tutors to helping understand complex subjects and getting a higher grade.

We don’t make your student life easy-peasy  – but can certainly make it easier than if you had to go through it on your own. With the free content available on the website you will find useful materials for any subject or task.

If you are new to the resource, just check it out – we might not have answers to all your questions, but we certainly have created a masterpiece of its kind. Our mastery is making education accessible to every student. Go take advantage of it!

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