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    A picture of my wife Essay (1093 words)

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    As I looked outside the window, the sunlight fell on my face. As it warmed my face; I closed my eyes. All of a sudden it went black under my closed eyelids; my face went cold again. As I opened my eyes I saw black clouds form out of nowhere, blocking the sun. As I looked around I saw a huge black jeep sitting there on the road. I saw them they’re coming! I could hear their footstep – thump, thump, thump – feet heavy like an elephant. I could feel my heart pounding like I’ve ran a mile. Thinking to myself “what should I do. Hide? Run away?”. There was no time, I had to hide. I run as fast as possible, like a dog chasing behind me. I run upstairs in my room and into my wardrobe leaving a little gap to hear what happens and what they do. Suddenly I hear baam! They’ve broke the door open and started searching for me.

    I heard them talking for a miniut. Then one of the men says “ya two search up their, and we search down here”. Its silent. I don’t know what to do. Suddenly I hear lots of noises. I knew they started searching for me. I could hear them throwing everything around. All I could hear are really loud noises: Clang! Bang! Boom! Baam! Bhoosh! “Did you find anything”, asked the one of the men. “Nope nothing yet”, he shouts back.

    After a 5 miniut search one of the men comes to my room; I peek through the little gap, and saw him. He was bold, black skinned colour, tall and had muscles like an wrestler. He starts to chucking my things around and looking through my drawers. Maybe he is searching for something, maybe some kind of documents. After two miniut of searching, he spots me, or maybe to check the wardrobe. He slowly walks towards me. My heart is pounding so hard that I think it might explode! He is about to open the door, but there’s a loud scream of a girl; he quickly runs downstairs.

    Now I felt like killing myself. I was scared, angry and in agony pain. I know that scream, even if it came from any part of the world. It was… my wife. I don’t know what they are going to do to her. I get out of my hiding place and out of the room slowly. I just hear them. “Tell me! Tell me where he is”, one of the men shouts at her. “Tell us or ill blo ya up”, another man said this time. I slowly moves forwards to see the situation properly. My whole living room is shattered. Everything is broken… My T.V screen is halved, my fridge is upside-down. I see my wife surrounded by the four men.

    One of the men is pointing a gun at my wife’s head and keep asking about me. “Tell me where is he, this is da last time im gonna ask ya, tell me or ill blo ya”, he shouts and keep hitting he with the gun. “I told you I don’t know”, she cries. I couldn’t see her getting hurt, but I’m helpless. I didn’t notice but I accidentally stepped on a piece of glass and it made a loud noise. All the four men and my wife look up at me. I’m thinking to run out as fast as I can, but as I was; something stroke my brain and I saw a picture.

    A picture of my wife, smiling ad laughing in those happy days we had. The man with the gun at me. “Come here now!”. he shouts at me. I didn’t know what to do… He shouts again “come here now or I’ll shoot her!”. I slowly walk downstairs avoiding the shattered glasses on the stairs. While keeping my hands up. When I got next to them; they throw my wife on the floor grabbed me and beat me soft like clay. Those bastards beat me till my face is full of blood.

    I don’t know how, but after a long time I gain my consciousness. Everything is blurry. I look around… My face is a river of blood. I see my wife crying her lungs out. Near the broken door, the four men are standing and talking to each other. I slowly try to stand up, but one of the men kicked me back to the floor. Then two men came and each hold one of my hand and dragged me outside. My wife came running and tried to stop them. “Please, please don’t do this. Let him go forgive him, please”, she cried. The third men came and slapped her and thrower her back. I was helpless. I felt like doing a lot of things to them; but I couldn’t. They keep dragging me until they reach the jeep and dropped me next to it.

    I was thinking “this is it, it’s the end of me.” I saw her; on her knees, crying and crying. I looked around and saw people closing their doors and windows. Even my best friend Michel look at me and close the door. After all I did for him and this is how he repays back. By this time it’s raining hard, and I was soaking wet. The blood washed away from my face. The men were talking to someone on the phone. I could only hear the roaring rainfall. I remembered all those good time we had. When we were having our yam. We went out for a holiday and she was really happy. I close my eyes with her smiling face in my eyes.

    After a long time, I’m in agony pain because they’ve tied me hard. They pick me up and throw me inside the jeep; and slam the door. As they all get in I watch my wife cry and cry. The man who is sitting next to me calls someone. He says “Yh we got him. What shell I do wive him? Mmhha. Mmhha”. After talking for a miniut he starts putting a big belt around my stomach. After a while he started pressing buttons on the belt; by this time I knew what it was. A bomb! By this time they were driving around 80mph. He opened the door next to me and was holding a knife. I knew what he was going to do. I smiled at him; closed my eyes and remembered the good times I had. Then suddenly…

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