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    A Personal Story of October in Costco

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    Walking through Costco I remembered most of what happened. I saw the familiar faces of employees who just stared at my cold face as if I was just another lost customer. The stained concrete floors helped me remember the scenario better, as if I could see it lapse through from a separate viewpointt I still recall the screams of my mother and the shouts of the cashiers scrambling to get me to safety. The concrete floor still holds the stains of my blood and the shouts of the incident, As I glanced through the food courtI familiarize myself to reality. I had lost touch to what had occurred on October 12, 2003 The same lady, Sandra, who had came to my rescue had now been to promoted as the manager of the food court. As I approached my turn to buy a soda we made eye contact, however she quickly looked away to tend to the next customer while I was being helped by another man.

    She did not recognise who 1 was nor the event she had aided in to help save me I always remember October as the month where all the things that could possibly go wrong occur. My mother had told me the morning of the incident to eat a good breakfast as there would be a lot to do. “Where are we going today?” I asked as if I were annoyed. “To Costco and the mall, we need groceries and you need socks” replied my Mother with a stern yet motherly voice. I ran into the bathroom feeling light headed as I had jerked myself out of bed. I took a quick shower and forked down my breakfast, My Mother, Father, and Ijumped into the car driving our way to Costco Halfway through the drive my Father looked back as he was driving and asked me if I had eaten my breakfast. I quickly said “Yea, I ate a waffle and drank my smoothie.” Satisfied with the answer my Father continued to drive down the curvy road slowly as if he was avoiding deer, We finally reached Costco and immediately my mother grasped a cart and started shopping.

    My Father and I sped to catch up to hers As we were walking my eye caught something flashy. I remember walking closer to the plastic container and trying to open it. No matter how hard I tried to open the container it would not budget I looked at it and gave it one more try, Yanking with with all my strength the container shot out of my hand and slit my wrist. At first I stared at my wrist for a good five seconds but it immediately begun to start bleeding. I held it tight but blood slowly begun to accumulate around my hand. Walking from aisle to aisle, I was in a desperate search for my mothen Sandra noticed me as I was jogging around and ordered me to stop My blood has now begun running down my arms As I turned a final corner I caught a glimpse of my mom I saw her eyes connect with mine As I walked to her my head started spinning and I felt as if I was upside down.

    At that moment Sandra ran behind me and caught me failing, the blood from my arm engulfed my entire hand and left a trail of droplets were I had walked I remember dreaming as if I was able to walk to my mother and she could fix my wrist. In that dream she scolded me for not being with her and my father forced me to sit in the shopping cart as if I were a mere toddler. This dream continued and drowned out into a big fuzz. I still cannot recall all portions of the dream I had when passed out, I woke up to water on my face and a strange lady rubbing my face and holding my arm, She looked at me and whispered everything would be alright I frantically attempted to get up but I was still dizzyr I looked to see where my parents were and remembered them standing right behind me, I had to be wheelchaired out the store because I could not walk, Till today I still remained embarrassed by my foolishness as a child. Sandra could have offered me Ihe help I needed but Instead I ran for my “mommy.”

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