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    1960 establishment Essay (686 words)

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    ?The Establishment in the 1960’sThe nineteen sixties were times of great change. Many people went frommoderates to radicals because of the environment around them. That environmentwas called the establishment.

    It included all of the events going on in the nineteensixties. Some of the main events taking place were the Vietnam War, thegovernment, the Democratic National Convention and the culture (*). Manyprotested things that they did not believe in or thought was wrong (*). There weremany things that made the radical’s different from the moderates. They were themusic they listened to and the clothes they wore. Most obviously was the wayIn the summer of 1967, society and rock and roll were going through somemajor changes.

    People who listened to rock and roll wore flowers in their hair andon their clothes. They “Grooved to tunes” by The Grateful Dead, Cream,Jefferson Airplane, and many others (*). Radical was the name given to thesediverse cultural icons of the sixtys revolution. These radicals were associatedwith the many of the youth parties who shared their views with the country. Themusic that the radicals listened too greatly affected the way the acted.

    It was themellow tune and the moving lyrics that inspired this generation of teenagers. Theystood up for what they believed in from listening to the rock and roll, which isnow, classified as classic rock. The people who didnt listen to the new rock androll, listened to classical and jazz music. They thought the radicals who listened torock and roll were rebels.

    Large get togethers were common in the sixties. Atthese be ins, as they were called, people ate, drank, and listened to music (*). The greatest musical get-together that had the most influencing effect onthe people of the sixties was Woodstock 69. This was the largest rock concertever and was held in Bethel, New York.

    It was three days long, beginning onAugust 15 and ending on August 17 in 1969. The Woodstock Ventures was thenewly founded company organizing the three-day festival. The Town of Wallkillwas the anticipated site for the music festival, but city officials and residentsprotested it. Laws were made to make sure that Woodstock was not to be held inWallkill. The laws were passed, so the Woodstock Ventures team had to searchfor a new site.

    They ended up finding a 600-acre cow pasture suitable for a three-day concert in the town of Bethel, New York. The city and state officials said theyhad everything planned for and prepared before the concert. But when it camearound to the opening day, they knew what they hadnt planned for, a crowd ofmore than 500,000 people. The concert started at exactly 5:07 P.

    M. on August15, 1969 (*). Around midnight on the first day, it started to rain. In as little asthree hours, five inches of rain fell.

    This caused the field to flood, and makingeveryone and everything a big mud puddle. Through the three days there weretwo deaths, but also two births. Both of the deaths were by accident. At the endof the final day, people began to slowly make their way out of the once was grassfield. That barren field now has a monument remembering those three days ofmusic.

    It attracts visitors from all over the country, who want to see where thebiggest party of all time was once held (*). Dress in the nineteen sixties showed what kind of attitude you possessedand the views you obtained. There were two dominant groups of dress in thesixties. One was the radical and hippie attire.

    It consisted of older, more raggedlooking outfits. They usually wore headbands or bandanas on their heads. Sometimes they would wear tie-dye or multicolor mixed shirts. The pants thatmost of this teenage generation would don were usually aged and battered, whichsometimes beared holes in them. The types of shoes that they wore depended onthe individual.

    Some wore tall boots, short boots, and sandals. The most popularshoes were the original Converse All-Stars (*). Most people just wore whateverthey could find, and didnt care what they looked like (*). The second dominantgroup of dress was the older, non-teenage generation. The men usually woreclean, newly pressed clothes.

    Some men wore suits all of the time. Men mostlywore black shiny dress shoes. The women wore clean, new clothes unlike

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