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15th Century Art in Europe

What technique was used to create a more realistic interpretation in Flemish art?
atmospheric perspective
Which of the following is true about Flemish painting?
the art was both symbolic and realistic
What traditional Flemish symbols can you identify in the piece below?
all of the above

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What is a predella?
a platform on which an altar stands
What did the color purple symbolize in Flemish painting?
Christ’s royal heritage
What is a triptych?
a piece of art with three panels
What is a guild?
an association of people of a certain trade or occupation
Which of the following was a famous Flemish painter?
Jan van Eyck
Which of the following statements is true about the paintings of Flanders?
Artists used commonly understood symbols in their paintings.
What is atmospheric perspective?
The effect produced by diffusion of light in the atmosphere whereby more distant objects have less clarity of outline and are lighter in tone.
What is Martin Schongauer known for?
He had the amazing ability to shade from the deep blacks to faint grays, using only lines.
What is intaglio?
a printmaking technique where the image is incised into the surface
Who was Johann Gutenberg?
the inventor of the moveable printing press
What significant role did printmaking play in the art of the period?
Printing helped spread knowledge and art in the forms of illustration.
What is William Caxton known for?
He opened the first publishing house in England.
What scene is depicted in this piece by Martin Schongauer?
the temptation of Saint Anthony
Which of the following was printed by William Caxton’s publishing house?
Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Which of the following is true of woodcuts?
delicate lines strengthen inner forms
bold outlines are used to create details
sharp lines create shadows
What is the first step to masking a woodcut?
A drawing is made on wood.
The artist does the cutting without a drawing.
none of the above
What scenes were commonly depicted in woodcuts?
religious scenes or important historical events
What is patronage?
financial support given by a person or organization
What is the image below?
Church of San Lorenzo
What role did the Medici family play in Florence?
They gave large amounts of money to artists to build buildings, produce paintings, and sculpt for the inner community.
What style did the Foundling Hospital construction reflect?
both traditional forms and Renaissance style
What was the portico of the Foundling Hospital to be used for ?
a public shelter
What was the Foundling Hospital?
a public orphanage that was constructed by Brunelleschi
What characteristic method of Roman architecture was used to create The Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence?
What does the word Renaissance mean?
What is an impost block?
a block that is between the column top (capital) and the springing of the rounded arch
Who were the Medicis?
a wealthy banking family who virtually ruled Florence
What problem did Brunelleschi face in one of his construction projects?
creating a dome that needed no external support
Which artist created the building seen in the image below?
Which artist developed linear perspective?
What is demonstrated in the center of the red circle in the image below?
vanishing point
Which of the following statements about the Palazzo Rucellai is true?
The facade was never finished.
How did Brunelleschi solve his problem with the dome of the Florence Cathedral?
He created many layers of support within the dome.
What is the vanishing point?
the point where all imaginary lines converge
What is linear perspective?
a method artists use to create the illusion of space
The dome pictured below is part of which structure?
Florence Cathedral
What did the invention of linear perspective allow artists to do?
represent the visual world in a realistic way
Which of the following buildings is considered a hallmark of Renaissance architecture?
a.Palazzo Rucellai
c.Florence Cathedral
d.none of the above
What are orthogonal lines?
imaginary lines that lead to the vanishing point
Who is the artist of the painting seen above?
What was Masaccio best known for?
his interest in perspective, architectural style, and classical sculpture
What did Donatello inspire many artists to do?
b.change the typical depiction of the figure
c.sculpt Biblical figures
d.add expressiveness to public monuments
What characteristic of Donatello’s work helps to define him?
He explored human emotions and expressions.
How was the artist for The Gates of Paradise chosen?
Artists competed for the opportunity.
Which of the following is considered one of the most famous pieces of art of the Renaissance?
Gates of Paradise
What did Donatello’s use of expression add to his sculptures?
a realistic quality
How does Donatello’s depiction of Mary Magdalene deviate from others?
He shows her as emaciated and ragged.
What part of the image above best shows how Masaccio uses perspective?
the top of the barrel vault
Which of the following best describes how Donatello’s David is depicted?
angular, boyish, and with confidence
How did Masaccio enhance the look of the fresco above?
a.He painted using a high contrast.
b.He illuminated the figures from outside light sources.
c.He painted Jesus in lighter colors than the other figures
Where are The Gates of Paradise located?
Florence Baptistry
a painting which is divided into four or more sections, or panels.

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15th Century Art in Europe
What technique was used to create a more realistic interpretation in Flemish art? atmospheric perspective Which of the following is true about Flemish painting? the art
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15th Century Art in Europe
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